When entering a vegan household most people don’t know what to do. Usually they go unprepared but if you want to be respectful to your host just like you would not bring pork into a kosher house, vegans feel the same. Here are some tips before you go:

1. Don’t wear or bring any dead animals. Whether it is fur or leather or skins or wool or silk (even your purse or wallet or shoes) double check beforehand and wear things like cotton, linen, or hemp and bring wallet or purse items in a cotton bag or another bag that is vegan friendly. Also don’t try to bring non-vegan food, check in with your host beforehand if you are not sure.

2. If you bring wine or beer go to check to make sure it is vegan at Barnivore online.

3. Be ready to try new things and please don’t criticize the food. It is fine to not like it but to say “it tastes like bird food,” would not be a compliment to any vegan. Also don’t talk about non-vegan meals or make jokes about eating dead animals (example: trying vegan bacon for the first time and then saying, “but bacon….”). I know it may be hard, but please be aware that vegans see your dinner as people. So essentially a vegan would take that as, “I don’t care about the violent murder of this person, I feel like telling you how good this person tastes”. So when talking about eating dead animals, please either avoid the subject, ask questions out of pure curiosity, or realize how it may effect your vegan host.

4. Do some research on veganism beforehand. Whether it is going to nutrition facts to learn about the nutrition of vegan food, or just seeing what happens to animals -that way you can follow conversation topics easily and not repeat misinformation. One green planet is another awesome resource for recipes and more.

5. Be aware of animal testing as well. Some vegan foods (if you want to bring vegan food) may say it is vegan but may be bad marketing so always double check with your host beforehand. Daiya, Impossible Foods, and Just foods are some of the so called “vegan companies”that do test on animals.

There is a wide spectrum of veganism so always check in with your vegan host beforehand. Leave your expectations at the door and get ready to explore and entirely new world of tastes and wonders!


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